“Sarments de Vie” (Vines of Life)

Sarments de Vignes - vine prunings

Sarments de Vignes – vine prunings

Since immersing myself in the Languedoc region of France in 2013, I have experienced the seasonal rhythm of the wine making process. The transformation of the vines in this landscape, from winter gaunt to summer exuberance, is as dramatic as the magical process of  turning grapes into wine.

After helping with the harvest in autumn, the pruning process in the new year, and the recent bottling of the 2015 vintage,  I have come to know the humble ‘sarments de vigne‘. This is a new  art material for me – akin to a series of pencil strokes. I am exploring ways to join and manipulate them into sculptural forms.

Gathering sarments is the first step

Gathering sarments is the first step

These slender branches are dedicated ‘soldiers’ defending this empire of wine. Traditionally discarded after their service, my work will elevate them beyond the reach of the bonfire or the mulching machine.

Each variety of vine has its own distinct character and structural properties. Carignan is generally cooperative, Grenache intransigent, while Syrah is naturally sinuous, and seems to be most compliant under the artist’s grip.

I started my artist’s residency on April 20th at La Grange de Bouys, Roujan. My hosts, and vignerons,  Florence and Stéphane Monmousseau, have given me free reign to explore their grenier, machine sheds, vineyards, and beautiful stone mazet, all located on their bio-dynamic wine estate near Roujan, Herault.  I am using the materials and tools of the vineyard to create a number of site-specific sculpture installations. 

For the moment, I am head down working. The mid-May vernissage (by invitation) will debut my “Sarments de Vie” project. Will share the results soon.

Vernissage planning

Vernissage planning

Domain Viticole, Roujan






5 thoughts on ““Sarments de Vie” (Vines of Life)

  1. Jane Durante

    Margot…….good day!!!
    What you are doing with the sarments is beautiful………..brilliant to find a way to use what is otherwise considered useless and considered spent into lovely fragile objects…..particularly like to first in the series as presented. Best

    Hope to see you over the summer…J

  2. Gordon Harris

    Good morning Margot,

    Thanks for sending this directly to me – otherwise, I’d have missed seeing it. You continue to do amazing work and this takes it in an entirely new direction. I love “each sarment a pencil stroke”. You are doing a wonderful job of showing the rest of us how to live fully.

    love, Gordon

    Suite 902 – 889 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 5S3 (604) 377-6605 harrisconsults.ca >

    1. paris4margot Post author

      Hi Gordon, you subscribed to updates on my blog, so that is why it is coming directly to you. Thanks for your kindness and support always. Means more than you know to have you in my corner. This has been a great project for me, and has legs..I hear Canada has vineyards too. love Mx


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